Mothers and Daughters

Mamy Docherei

Lyrics √ Ilya Lagutenko
Music √ Yuri Tsaler
Programming √ Pavlo Shevchuk
Recording √ Pavlo Shevchuk (Vintage Recording Studio, Village Recording)
Mix √ Pavlo Shevchuk, Dan Leffler (Ocean Studio)
Assistants √ Dmitriy Plavshudin, Albert Mata, Ghian Wright
Mastering √ Vlado Meller (Universal)

Go in peace in the world, making peace as you do!
Do it faster than spacecrafts or shuttles, and rockets!
And be braver than cowboys or princes on horseback! 

Hey! Mothers, don`t hide your daughters! 
The stars are falling like jewels in your hands
I can┘ simply cross the line. 

Go in peace in this world, where the oceans
Are endlessly tossing and turning.
We can`t see the land,
But we do step together.
What do you want to find in me? 

Go in peace in this world
The daylight is bright!
I switch on the sun,
Though the matches are sleeping.
The sparks are too lazy.
Clap your hands - 
Play your cards: 
⌠Forever young■ will win!