Nuclear Stations

Lyrics – Ilya Lagutenko
Music – Yuri Tsaler
Recording – Pavlo Shevchuk (Vintage Recording Studio)
Mix – Chris Bandy 
Assistants – Dmitriy Plavshudin, Albert Mata, Ghian Wright
Mastering – Vlado Meller (Universal)

You’ve forgotten the way to get back.
The motor is jammed and your feet are like lead. 
It’s time, it’s time┘ you should be scared now.
There’s an atom at the heart of these changes.
We can’t stop the dances
Of our nuclear stations.
Only I know the secret
Of making you happy.

You really should laugh:
Grab forget-me-not blossoms. 
And your life will be longer. 
Forget politicians
And hard-hearted ogres. 
We’ve got our special suitcase:
A golden key and red button!