Mothers and Daughters

Music by Yuri Tsaler
Lyrics by Ilya Lagutenko, David MacFadyen and Jeff Greenberg
Engineered by Pavlo Shevchuk
Programmed by Pavlo Shevchuk
Mixed by Dan Leffler
Additional mix by Ed Cherney

Go through the world in peace, don`t fall off the pace.
Higher faster than those hypersonic planes
Blasting shuttles and the rockets out in space,
All the cowboys and the princes feel disgraced!

Hey! Mothers, hide your girls away! 
Now the stars will fall like diamonds in your hands
Like the guns of soldiers √ Opa! -
Made the darkness start to shine,
Not me┘ I`ll walk across that line. 

Go through this world in peace, where oceans rage and roar,
Lighting darkness with our dreams√ we still we can`t see the shore.
And yet we walk together! Heads high toe to toe!
But look at us! It`s getting warmer; Blazing bright┘ and Woah!

Go through the world in peace; the future looks so bright; 
When the fires have gone dark, we set the sun alight.
Clap your hands and Hey! The magic now begins.
Put your joker and your kisses on the table: we will win!