Vladivostok Vacation

Grenade in a pocket
Pin in my hand
Seagulls seem to know me 
Its déjà vu land

Lawful resistance
Not hiding, not a thief
LADA looks to the sky 
With heavy grief

Fog dissolved and melted
Moon moaned over seas
Young wife become 
Someone else`s fiancée
Water heavy poisoned
Sound is dead
Light is off
Can’t get back
Not anymore
No friend am I 
My love

We’re leaving we’re leaving
Universe is screaming mayday
Ecstasy passion
Razor action
Vladivostok Vacation

Semi-drunk women
Sailors of gun
Gangrene tattoos
Bottles of rum
Can you hear the heartbeat
Knocking on my soul?
This is your last tango
Neither Paris nor Rome

Dig it from the soil
Next century boys
Wrappings with a prize
Guitar hero toys
Subs will sleep forever
Show was never there
How deep your country`s pockets
Where rockets disappear