Mumiy Troll press quotes — January 2009

It (Mumiy Troll «Comrade Ambassador») does stand out from the pack of a repetitive music scene and offer something refreshingly different.

Plug-in music

«Comrade Ambassador» is Mumiy Troll`s North American debut, and its devilish slickness impresses throughout all proper thirteen tracks. It feels delightfully fresh.

Tom Lynch
NewCity Music, Chicago

Group`s new album, «Comrade Ambassador,» sounds like a vodka-chasing mix of Bauhaus and Pearl Jam.

Chris Riemenschneider Minneapolis

Release of Comrade Ambassador, which gathers together songs from the Vladivostok-born band`s last two records, signals the erudite outfit`s first serious attempt to win over audiences outside Russia to their groovy, glammy sound.

TheStar, Toronto

Mumiy Troll does mix big rock riff with dance pop that`s not totally unlike «Seven and the Ragged Tiger» with a little «Highway to Hell» and «The Wall» sprinkled in.

Jed Gottlieb Boston Herald

The Mussorgskys of metal are famous for merging Russian rock and pop, and they`re hoping that their new album, «Comrade Ambassador,» will bridge the gap between the former Cold War enemies.

«Czars of Rock!» - The Brooklyn Paper

Mumiy Troll. You don`t need to be able to read Cyrillic to understand this Russian band – a fluency in groovy post-punk and edgy guitar rock is all that`s required.

The New Yorker

(Comrade Ambassador) drawing international praise for it`s eclectic yet catchy, rock/pop sensibilities. Despite the language barrier, fans of the Pixies, Manchester style U2, and the Sex Pistols would be hard pressed find a better magnum opus since Doolittle.

Metromix, Chicago

«Comrade Ambassador» is full of sprawling melodies that stretch themselves out, in no rush or hurry to hit the climax. Frontman Illya Lagutenko`s words flow out easily, pronunciations rolling off his tongue and matching the leisurely tone of the music. But the band can push things into gear when needed. Mumiy Troll grab a hold of you with buzzing electronic beats, heavy bass and a catchy melody on «We Overslept» while a creaking, croaking sample sticks out on «Musician» and opening track «Mothers and Daughters» offers an air of intrigue and mystery with a low-key entrance. The easy but insistent melody of «Witnesses» sets things spinning before the band tries their hand at a rather upbeat but acceptable take on the Mamas and the Papas` «California Dreaming.»

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Mumiy Troll are one of the very, very few Russian rock acts we`re not embarrassed to crank up with Brits or Yanks within earshot. And Mumiy (pronounced like roomy) Troll might be the worldliest, what with lead singer Ilya Lagutenko`s multilingual punning (he`s fluent in Mandarin, among other things) and no-translation-needed feline yowl. 2009 brings the band`s first attempt to conquer the U.S. in earnest – and seemingly on their own terms.

Michael Idov