The video Medveditsa (She-Bear)

The new video of Mumiy Troll hasn`t passed the censorship of Russian musical TV-channels.

At the end of November, Mumiy Troll will release their new album. This is for the first time that Ilia Lagoutenko and his friends compose music for a feature film. The album and the film have the same title, “Pokhititeli Knig■ (The Book Thieves). The video “Medveditsa■ became the first video from the new album (music and lyrics by Ilia Lagoutenko). Mumiy Troll recorded “Medveditsa■ in Latvia, women` voices in the song belong to the young Latvian singers Linda Leen and Yana Kay.

The new video was made by the old friends of Mumiy Troll — Vilks Studio. Roman Korovin again became the director of the video. He has already worked with the band having made a previous video for the song “Dobroie utro, Planeta!■ (Good morning, Planet!).

The director approached the new song with ruthless irony – the video “Medveditsa■ is a kind of parody of cheap porn. In order to achieve as total stylization of this genre as possible Korovin had to watch a great many of similar films. One of the significant details of such stylization became the fact that the video was shot by a digital camera. The technique of making a porn film was carried to an absurdity and therefore it excites bursts of laughter. Giant dolls of a human height coping Bear, She-Bear, Cucumber, and Buratino (=Pinocchio) were the main characters of the video.

The video was shot in Riga – the city so much loved by Mumiy Troll. This is the first their video in which none of the musicians ever appears though the presence of Mumiy Troll is evident and beyond any doubt. You may compete with your friends about who has managed to see more of flashes of familiar faces and names.

The presentation of the video “Medveditsa■ took place in Riga and was timed to the birthday of Ilia Lagoutenko. It was a close circle of invited relatives and friends about 100 persons in number. The presentation was held at the most fashionable club of the city – Studio 69. Each guest of the party could take a photo with the characters of the video, and a cake was made in the form of a pink bear.

The premiere of the video came about on a Russian music channel late at night. The cause of such late air was called “the pornographic character■ of the video. Then one of the Russian TV-channels banned the broadcasting of the video, while the other channel put it on the air late after midnight. Television hates being made fun of – they refused to broadcast the parody of the principal product of their air.

But now you may watch the video at our site!

Translated by Inna Yakovleva