Mumiy Troll — Hey Tovarish —

Mumiy Troll — Hey Tovarish

Mumiy Troll was formed in 1983 (originally called Mumi Troll) and this is really funky band from Russia. Their latest single Hey Tovarish is something for those looking for a change. Formed by Ilya Lagutenko who performs pretty much most of this himself and has lead a pretty interesting life. From singing in a school choir, to working in China, to serving in the red army, and finally forming Mumiy Troll who are described as being the biggest band in Russia.

The song is more along the lines of techno than rock but there are guitars in there and well its just one of those kinda catch tunes that takes you by surprise. The official video is a little weird but in a fun and funky way even with Ilya doing his best sleazy creep impersonation. Synthesised guitars, sleazy vocals, and a funky upbeat electro sound really sum this one up. Its not for everyone but its well worth a listen. 7/10

Helen Todner