Oleg Pungin answers questions from Scandinavian fans

1) Are you a schooled drummer or self-trained?

I am self-trained.

2) Could you please name any drummers that have influenced you throughout the years?

I am inspired by many, but especially by Dave Weckl

3) What musical instruments do you play, and do you sing, too? Maybe even compose?

Bass guitar, keyboard, guitar. I don’t sing, but sometimes I sing back-up. Once I wrote a radio-jingle of 20–30 seconds.

4) Your drum solos are really great! Do you get support from the other band members to develop your playing or is that an area where they can not give you any ideas?

I don’t only get ideas and support from the other members of Mumiy Troll, but also energy, so my best solos are still to come.

5) Is there any general method regarding the creative process when in studio to make a recording? In some bands the song writer have very definite ideas of what the final result should sound like, while others arrange the song together, starting off with just melody, lyrics and a simple chord structure. Where would you place MT in this context and where in the process do you yourself come in?

We practise neither of these two methods in Mumiy Troll, so the final result may well be completely unexpected. Whether I participate or not, the result will always be high-quality.

6) What’s your vision for MTs next five years, if any? Ilia said in an interview that the next album will be the last — will it?

I hope it won’t be the last.

7) Will MT release an album in English?

Yes, I hope so.

8) MT has released many albums that cover a wide range of styles but still is clearly identifiable as Mumiy Troll. How would you describe the typical sound of Mumiy Troll?

First of all, there’s this very original timbre of our singer, but also the «unfinished» quality to the lyrics.

9) Concerning equipment: Some drummers thinks that having a big drum kit may be a compensation for lack of skill and that «keeping it simple», that is only using a basic set, is forcing the drummer to be sharp and creative. Others denies this, simply stating that a bigger equipment means more possibilities. Do you favour any of these views or is the choice of equipment rather governed by circumstance? And how is your relation to drum machines?

No, even large sets of drums cannot compensate for an unskilled drummer. Everything depends on what the drummer wants to convey to the listeners through his playing. Drum-machine — why not?

10) You have played with Zemfira and Bi-2 lately, are you playing — or planning to play with other bands too? Do you think playing with other bands improves your skills, or do you do it for the fun, or for other reasons?

I have played for Zemfira, Bi-2 and also, I want to point out, Moralniy Kodeks. Playing different music — and the contact with these excellent musicians, the experience of it all — this is healthy.

11) You have toured Germany, Greenland and Denmark — what did you think about that and do you think it is possible for MT to be more popular in western Europe? Why (Or why not)?

One cannot plan popularity… But it would be necessary to meet more often.

12) What do you think about SMTF? We started after seeing you on ESC 2001. Were the reactions on MT after that performance what you expected — or do you perhaps not think much about it? Is maybe Russia and the near countries enough for you? Or would you like to be more famous in the west?

I am very pleased about the Scandinavian Mumiy Troll fan-club, and if they know about me, it means I am famous enough. I don’t wonder about the possible consequenses of Eurovision 2001, but we had a very great time during the event.

13) You must be one of the most experienced live drummers in the whole world, and you have also recorded many albums with MT and other bands in studios. What do you like and dislike with touring and studio work, respectively?

I am happy onstage just as I enjoy working in the studio — especially if I get to play the drums.

14) What do you think about scene costumes? MT tried something special during the Meamoury tour — did you like it? Do you like to dress up?

I love to put clothes on, but sometimes I have to take them off.

15) What is important to make a relationship work between a man and a woman?

It is important to do this!

16) Do you like making videos? You looked very nice on for example Morskaya Kapusta and Karnavala.net. Could you tell us about some video that was extra special for you — and why?

I’ve very much enjoyed taking part in the videos… I love to be filmed, but it doesn’t happen often.

17) What other interests do you have besides music? (Sports? Politics? Art? Books? Chess? Cars? Cooking? Making love?) Please motivate your answer.

Sport. Cooking. To make love.

18) In Scandinavia, it is easy being famous, because people often respect that celebrities want some privacy. How are you treated in Russia? Can you walk the streets like an ordinary man or do girls run after you everywhere?

I can easily take a walk.

19) Good luck with your touring, we hope to see you soon in Balticum and Scandinavia. Best wishes from your devoted fans in Scandinavia and a special hello from our friend Susi in Bavaria, Germany: www.mumiytroll-vol2.de

I hope we will continue our good friendship! Thank you very much! Until next time!!!

Spacial thanks Voodoo (Scandinavian MT fan-club) for questions.